Cleaning The Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is very much popular these days. Its easy maintenance, durability and the most favorable, its cost makes it highly in demand. Moreover it is easy to install especially in the form of tiles so it helps in saving much money than other flooring types. Flooring seem uncomfortable when they are not friendly in maintenance. Unlike carpets and wooden floors vinyl floors are very easy to maintain. A little effort and your floor are shining. Simple moping is enough if you have not much traffic on the floor. Let me tell you some simple ways that can keep your floor a new one.

Washing With Plain Water:
A very simple way to clean the floor is to use plain water when you mop onto the floor. To remove dust and stains it is enough. But if some stains do not get off you can add a dish-washing solution to the water before moping. It will surely remove the stains and your floor will be perfectly clean.

Using Chlorine Bleach:
Another way to make your cleaning perfect is to use chlorine bleach for moping on the tiles. Chlorine bleach is excellent cleaner for vinyl floor. Add ¼ chlorine bleach in ¾ water and let it to be settled for five minutes and after that mop the floor. It will shine at it’s best.

Turpentine & Alcohol For Removing Stains:
To remove hard stains and scuff you can use turpentine, mineral spirit, alcohol and even baking soda. Soak the piece of cloth in any of the item and rub the defected area. For tough stains you can also apply glycerin added up in warm water. It will also help to get rid of stains.

Using Ammonia:
Ammonia also serves as a best cleaner for vinyl sheets and mostly on tiles. It leaves the floor with a perfect shine and complete satisfaction of safe and healthy flooring without any dirt particles and germs. Just a half-cup of ammonia is enough in one-gallon water. Mop the floor with this solution using a soft stuff. And after that, mop with simple water to satisfy any sediments on the floor.

Using Cleaning Products:
You can also use products in the market. There are very fine brands of cleaners and shiners especially made for vinyl flooring. They are also very affective in cleaning as well as maintaining the shine of the floor.

For perfect results and satisfaction you should vacuum or you may broom the vinyl floor every two days. Mop it at least once a week and it will pay back for years.