How to Spend Less on Floor Refinishing

Spending less is a common concern these days, and it extends as well to home expenses. Many homeowners are looking into ways to stretch their cash without sacrificing comfort and beauty. When it comes to maintaining your hardwood floors, you can actually make use of some simple steps and options that are easy on the budget but are very effective in maintaining the classic beauty of your floor and your home.

One expense that you can address is the cost of floor refinishing. Some homeowners are able to cut costs on floor refinishing by undertaking it themselves. The process of refinishing hardwood floors is not complicated at all, and the equipment you will be needing is generally available for rent in any equipment shop. Among the things you will be needing is a floor sander. This is equipment that you cannot do with out as you will need it to sand your floor correctly. The other option, which is manual sanding, is too tedious and can be hard on your back and knees. You will also need sandpaper of different grit sizes and a wood finishing product. After sanding the floor, you can proceed immediately to the application of the wood finisher. Make sure to let the prior coat dry first before you proceed with applying the next coat otherwise the finisher could bubble.

If you are not too comfortable or confident with refinishing the floor yourself, you can also make use of a service called dustless refinishing which is less costly than traditional floor refinishing procedures. This process gets the job done but does it in less time. Since there will be less time spent on refinishing your floor, labor costs are also significantly cut down. Many homeowners now prefer this procedure not only because of the less money involved but also because of other benefits associated with it such as less dust and less fumes that are inhaled in the process.

Whether you decide to avail of dustless refinishing or refinish your floor yourself, keep in mind that one of the best ways to save on floor refinishing is to establish a regular maintenance regimen that will prolong the shine of your floor. Regular cleaning will go a long way in keeping hardwood floors shiny and scratch-free, thus minimizing the need to refinish it. Good maintenance is thus a surefire way for you to save on refinishing costs.