New Trends and New Opportunities in Web Design

Websites need to be designed to impress. Latest design trends such as vertical patterns, material design inspired interfaces and slide style sites are growing in popularity.

Here are some of the trends that have emerged and will prevail in the future too:

Vertical patterns and scrolling

With more and more people using mobile phones as the single point of access to the internet, vertical pattern designs are becoming more and more popular. Mobile traffic exceeds the desktop traffic and more and more websites will need to be designed with a vertical flow. The vertical scroll was almost extinct until the need for mobile websites emerged. Mobile websites need a lot of vertical scrolling if all the content needs to be accommodated.

Card style interfaces

Card style interfaces are becoming more and more popular as they are make your layout look clear and neat. Another major advantage of card style layouts is that they can be made to fit all screen sizes, as the screen size reduces, they can be made to stack one above the other. This makes them more suitable for responsive designs.

Video style headers

Video clips are growing from small snippets to full length videos. Including video previews is a great new trend that adds to the appeal of the website design.

Tiny animations

Tiny animations are a fun way to engage users. Moving elements can be used anywhere on the website. These tiny animations will continue to grow in popularity in the near future too.

Focus on interactions

User interactions are important for website design. They create a link between the device and the user. True interactions provide the value to the user experience with your website. These small interactions decide how users communicate with your website and whether they wish to further associate with your website.

Beautiful typography

The emergence of usable type tools such as Adobe Type Kit and Google Fonts has definitely helped web designers to use creative and beautiful typography for their websites. Big and bold type faces are still in demand because they can convey the message clearly and more conveniently. The aim is to communicate the message in a highly readable as well as creative manner.

Illustrations and Sketches

Illustrations and sketches are not for children anymore. Illustrations are growing in popularity when icons and other small interface elements need to be designed. Illustrations sometimes give a personal touch to the website. This is because the illustration or a sketch seems to be hand drawn and it looks and feels personal. This can greatly help in creating a connection with the website visitor.

Websites with slides

It all began with sliders where a website could move images within a frame to display various images. Then there were full screen slides where the entire slide is refreshed to display new content to the viewer. These slides work with a click, scroll or a time out. This is one trend that will stick on.

Designers have a lot to consider while developing future ready websites. These were just a few examples.

Different Services of Web Design Agency

The pages one finds on internet as the result of search, are all designed in a certain way. Every website has its own unique style and design. All this magic of stylish and attractive sites is actually done by web designers. Web design agency is a type of service provider company which provides designers to design websites.

The main aim of these web site designs is to create a web site in a certain layout and design that all its content come in sequence providing relevant information. Web sites are a electronic form of documents. For example, now whenever you need some information, then you do not need to go in the market and search a book and papers on that particular topic. You simply need to type your desired topic in the search engine and a full data of electronic papers will appear on your computer screen.

Most of the companies and different service provider agencies put information about their services and all on the internet, from where any user can access them easily. This is one of the simplest and most easiest ways of marketing.

So, the sites on internet should be clear and attractive ones. For this purpose there are web designers to create your website meaningful, eye catching and eye appealing. The task of web designers involves to design web page, present content, graphic design, scheme of colour, layout, multimedia, photography, interaction design etc.

So, if you are planning to launch your own site, then hire a web designer to design your website. But, before hiring a designer you have to decide some important aspect to present on the site. Like, you have to decided first what information you want to present, what services you want to introduce on your website.

The other important thing is to hire a good web-designer. You cannot trust any designer, before hiring a web designer you need to consider certain things. You need to examine the profile of the designer and his/her specialities. For this you can search a designer online, because on internet you can get all the profile, history and reviews of the designer.

This way you can make hire a web designer and can have a web site designed as you desired.

Graphic Design Tips: Getting Back To Basics

Using the pencil to sketch is not archaic and definitely not left to kids at school, these simple tools will go a long way in defining creativity and will greatly help in developing design skills.

Six Super Excuses to use pencil and paper are:

1) Create better designs: Once you put pencil and paper together, you don’t have pre set design options or strokes to choose from, a simple stroke of the pencil here or an extension there will give rise to really interesting designs. Initially, it will be light strokes; however, as you begin to spend more time, you will accentuate features in the design based on how you perceive it. A casual drawing might turn out to be a wonderful new character.

2) Any time any place: You can sit with your pencil and paper anywhere you want. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in your office or indoor at all! You can sit in the mall or even in a park, anything could be inspirational and motivate you to begin sketching.

3) Easy to carry around: Since you never know when or what will lend a spark for a new idea, carrying a book and a pencil along always is a good idea. This way you can begin sketching as soon as you think of something, without having to wait till you get home.

4) Improves you skills: Sketching regularly will not only help you create new designs but will also dramatically improve your sketching skills. What might begin as random doodling will soon turn into a respectable art form that you will be proud to display. This is a skill that will be yours with no assistance from any modern technology.

5) Easy to demonstrate your work: As a designer it is important to display your skills that will encourage people to hire you and, carrying your notebook with pictures along with you, will help you showcase your talent. Moreover, an impromptu sketching session will display your confidence, your understanding and your fine drawing skills to employers. With such great dependence on technology, the best designers that work for a leading graphic design company are still considered to be those who can sketch well using basic tools.

6) Avenues for parallel work will open up: You never realise how much you love doing something till you actually try doing it. Your strength may lie in sketching encouraging you to take up professions like a cartoonist.